60cm x 30cm Car Magnets (pair)


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Car Magnets are available in any size, typically 60cm X 30cm. They are manufactured using a high strength magnetic material. All of our Car Door Magnets are durable, weatherproof and UV resistant to avoid fading. Car Door Magnets act as a moving advertisement to promote your company and your brand. We offer Car Door Magnets in a selection of standard sizes or we can customise any size to suit your requirements. Our Car Magnets can easily be removed to share with multiple vehicles and won’t damage your paintwork. Car Door Magnets are very popular due to the high exposure they receive when driving on the roads or when your vehicle is parked on the street. Wherever you drive, your magnetic advert will be seen! Car Door Magnets are typically used on both sides of the vehicle and at the rear for additional exposure. Many businesses also use Car Magnets on vans, trucks and mini-buses. Whether you are a small business, big business , Car Door Magnets are a highly effective product to showcase and promote your brand.